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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Feb 19, 2012

     We are now back from our vacation. Debra and the kids and I went to Cuba for six days. It was very sunny and hot; around thirty degrees most days. We spent most of our time on the beach at the resort. We also went on a catamaran ride and spent a day visiting the countryside including a small fruit and vegetable farm. It was really interesting visiting the farm and talking to the farmer about his crops. The soil was very rocky and not easy to work with but they had a lot of different crops growing. Most of the plants looked healthy as well. Our farm here in Lakeville seems to be very successful by comparison. It's always a good reality check to travel internationally; especially for people like myself who love to complain about my lot in life.
     It is most definitely not thirty degrees in Nova Scotia though. The winter has been a little bit wintery while we were gone and tonight looks like about minus ten degrees. The days are much longer now and the spinach is really starting to grow. I am hoping to have spinach in the CSA boxes by next week. It will be the most common green vegetable for the next six weeks or so. We also are close to harvest on volumes of arugula and some other mixed greens. This is good because our stocks of many root vegetables are getting low.
     I continue to send seed orders out for the upcoming season. We are just starting to seed the earliest crops in the heated greenhouse for transplanting into coldframes later. These include russian kale and swiss chard. The pac chois will soon follow. In a couple of weeks we will start seeding for field crops like leeks,shallots, and celeriac.
     You may find cucumbers or tomatoes in the CSA boxes over the next little while. We do not grow these but they are locally grown here in greenhouses. Most of our customers appreciate a bit of a break from the root vegetables that have been the mainstay of the boxes in the winter.  Like the mushrooms they help keep the boxes a bit more varied.
     If we get a chance we might post a couple pictures of our trip to Cuba on the website. There will not be any pictures of myself in shorts because I have very skinny legs. Maybe a picture of the kids or a papaya tree or something.
     Have a good week.           ted

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