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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Dec 25, 2011

     I guess it's time to send a little Christmas note to everybody. I am feeling kind of sluggish thanks to this awesome chocolate and pecan tart thing that a customer gave me on Saturday. It tastes so good that I ate several slices of it today but I must say that it sits a bit heavy right now. Thankfully it is almost gone. On a related topic, a different customer on Saturday informed me that I am putting on a little weight lately.Am I supposed to say 'thanks'?
     This week will be relaxing for us as we only have a small CSA to ship. The employees are taking some vacation time this week as well. Hopefully everyone has an opportunity during the Christmas season to relax and spend some time with family members and friends.
     We want to thank the many people who sent us e-mails, photos, and cards over the last couple of weeks. Thank you all for being part of our CSA program and supporting our family farm in this way. The CSA is now a major part of what we do and we appreciate your patience and your involvement as we work to make it better for everyone involved.
     This weeks CSA box will include a bag of mixed micro greens. It will not include any chocolate and pecan tart. We hope you have a great Christmas.
     Good night         ted

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