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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Nov 15, 2011

     Another week and still more nice and mild weather. We are now picking arugula and spinach and a few other greens in unheated coldframes. There is enough spinach for the CSA boxes this week. We are still harvesting lots of field crops but they will soon come to a quick end. We have picked broccoli and cauliflower this week as well as some bunched carrots and swiss chard. The carrots and broccoli are also in the boxes this week.
     I have had a couple of conversations with CSA customers about the program. Some people have difficulty using all the root vegetables in a given week, especially in the winter. The obvious solution is to adopt more kids, preferably teens with big appetites. Another solution is to log in to your account through our website and put your CSA box on hold for a week to allow yourself time to catch up. Some people already do this although most customers can use the food each week. It is an option if you need it. You can also activate a reminder message on your account that will tell you what is in the CSA box each week. Computers are very smart.
     The warm weather this fall is quite strange. Debra and I went for a walk with our little kids up the mountain behind our house on Sunday afternoon. There are wild blackberry canes that have come into bloom again. I do not know how unusual this is but I have never noticed it before. It sure seems kind of messed up.
     Thats all for today, my brain feels a little empty right now.                  ted

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