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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Nov 8, 2011

     Tuesday evening is kind of late for me to write a newsletter but I have been busy. When you get sunny days like we have had in November I get right excited. We basically finished picking apples off of the trees finally. We are still harvesting root crops like beets and carrots and turnips. Cabbages and kales and leeks still remain outside along with a fairly large assortment of cold tolerant greens. In a lot of ways, it feels more like early October. This is good.
     We had yet another power outage on the weekend. I think that this makes five times this fall that we have lost our power. Seems strange that an otherwise pleasant breezy autumn day can create such havoc with the overhead electrical supply system. Lakeville sure is a funny place; that big wind never even hurt my homemade plastic-nailed-to-wood greenhouse. I guess farmers don't understand fancy stuff like 'lectricity. Too stupid.
     We have started picking a little bit in the greenhouses. Baby spinach and arugula and a few other greens. I was hoping to put spinach in the CSA boxes this week but we did not have enough yet. Hopefully next week. The intent of the coldframe and greenhouse greens is to supply the boxes with greens when things get a little bleak. December through March is when I try to really focus on green production. It is also when I have a bit more time to do it. 
     I decided to try eating brussels sprouts again this week. My memory of them was less than positive. Katherine and Debra really liked them. They are ok if you salt them until they are crunchy. I'm going to fry them next time in butter. One of my customers told me to do this. She said they are excellent fried this way. 
     Hope you get outside and enjoy this awesome week of weather. Have a good week.       ted

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