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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Aug 28, 2011

     It is almost 10 pm and hurricane Irene is supposed to be outside. I guess it is kind of breezy; enough wind to fly a kite if the sun was not down. The radio station has been warning us to buy bottled water and flashlights for several days now but I have chosen to be less than responsible instead. If our farm blows away with all the CSA boxes I am sorry; especially to those of you with significant account balances. I suspect we will be ok. 
     The rain that Irene is bringing is a bit unwelcome. Last week saw a lot of sunny days and we could see positive growth on many crops. After tonight the weather looks great again for the coming week. Hopefully it will materialize. 
     I have been reading many e-mails from various people on the CSA. Many are requests for certain products or for more or less of things. I actually welcome feedback like this because it gives me an idea of what people want. Our farm produces about 12 acres of tree fruit and over 30 acres of vegetables. We also have different kinds of berries and some cold frames and greenhouses. The vegetables that we grow are a blend of staples(carrots, beans) and more unusual stuff  (eggplant, pac choi, globe artichokes), We also grow some really strange ones that are fairly unique to certain cultures. These seldom make their way into a CSA box. When you sign up for a Hutten family farm CSA box, you will get a mix of what we produce. I try to make the boxes about 70% vegetable and 30% fruit and berries. Some vegetables are a bit unusual but I try to make them reasonable. Individual preferences are very difficult to meet at the scale we are at (and in keeping with the CSA model).  We have had an incident of a CSA customer modifying their box by swapping items with another box at the pickup location. Obviously this is unfair. Please respect the system and contact us if you are not satisfied with any given box. The CSA model works great for us and the majority of you but it may not be for everyone. Thanks.
     This week will see cherry tomatoes (finally) and more leafy greens in the boxes. We have started picking pears but they are still pretty hard. The next two months should be fantastic in relation to the quantity and selection of food. Hope you feel the same.
     The wind has picked up quite a bit now (10:18) and my funny at the start of the letter might not be so funny now. We'll see I guess. Goodnight       Ted

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