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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jul 10, 2011

     We finally had a little bit of rain yesterday. In our community, it rained about 11 mm which is almost half an inch. Very much needed and very welcomed. The lack of rain over the last three to four weeks has been kind of stressful for us. I guess we are dependant on the weather. After the wet spring that we experienced this year I never thought I would be lamenting dry weather so soon. Farmers are right good at complaining.
     We now have enough green beans to eat a few while we weed them. They will be in the CSA boxes in another week. This week we should have some sweet cherries ready. Bunched onions will also be in the boxes. Last week we weeded a large planting of different Asian greens that are under row cover. I suspect that something from this planting might be ready as well. We will be adding carrots to the boxes again this week due to their popularity. Next week I plan a CSA week without carrots, especially as new vegetables and berries come into production.
     We continue to weed and plant and harvest each week. Last week was very productive with all the staff back on. We spent many hours weeding and hand hoeing the crops that were getting lost in the weeds. One more week like that and we should be almost caught up. I picked a few strawberries with the kids today for ourselves to freeze. This week will definitely be the last of the strawberry season. It was a good crop but a quick season for strawberries as the heat last week ripened them very fast. Sarah and Aleida picked some raspberries tonight to eat. Yum.
     Have a good week; the temperatures should be a bit more comfortable than last week.       Ted

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