Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday May 22, 2011

     It is Sunday evening around eight as I write this. Debra and I spent Saturday evening and most of today in Halifax for a little getaway. The kids stayed with my mother so we could relax for a bit. Very nice weekend.
     We continue to be very busy (actually an understatement) on the farm. We are seeding and transplanting crops as well as weeding the existing plantings. It looks like the very wet weather did not result in any significant crop loss which is great. We do seem to be behind in both weeding and planting but hopefully with good weather we can catch up.
     We now have snap peas in bloom in the field. Carrots are about four inches high under row cover. I would also expect kohlrabi, arrowhead cabbage, and broccoli to be ready in about four weeks. Green onions could be on next week. I hope to have enough swiss chard to supply the boxes this week. Rhubarb, radishes, and some lettuce or salad will be repeated this week. It looks like some other greens may be ready as well. My daughter Katherine made grilled cheese sandwiches with greens in them for supper. They tasted great.
     I'm going to bed now because I have big plans for tomorrow. After a little time off my motivation level is high. Hope I can sleep tonight. Enjoy your week.     -Ted

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