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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Apr 24, 2011

     We will have shanghai pac choi in the CSA boxes this week. Debra and I have been eating it all week. We stir fry it with garlic in sesame oil. Probably one of my all time favourite vegetables. If you are not familiar with baby pac choi, the key is not to overcook it.
     This week we will be spending the dry days hand hoeing the new crops that are under the row cover. Everything that I planted under the row cover looks fantastic so far. The crops that I seeded without row cover are not as happy. Some are surviving but not really growing much. Other seeds have not germinated and will likely rot. I will replant these this week. This spring has been fairly sunny but below average in temperature. Essentially this is good for cold frame crops and row covered crops. I would predict that we will have field grown radishes and salad mix in about two weeks. Other greens and Japanese spring turnips will follow in another week or two. The radishes in the CSA boxes last week were from an unheated cold frame here on the farm.
     I will be buying tomatoes from another local greenhouse grower this week. Hopefully this helps with the overall product mix in the boxes which is a bit difficult this time of year. By next week I expect both beet greens and russian kale to be ready in the cold frames. Swiss chard and lettuce are close as well. 
     I'm going to finish up the newsletter now because eight year old Sarah is just begging to get on the computer.Have a good week.

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