Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Feb 14, 2011

     It's monday morning and we had a bit of light snow overnight. It is actually quite beautiful outside with the air so still. I noticed this weekend that the spinach and the arugula in the coldframes have grown a tiny bit. This is a result of the increasing daylength and a couple of sunny days.
     We should be into a season now where you can expect something green each week. Based on the calendar date and past production years, spinach should start growing significantly now. We are trying to remove some snow off of the coldframes so the light can get in. There is about six to eight feet of snow piled high against the coldframes which prevents snow from sliding down off the top. We try to push or snowblow this snow away but it is difficult. We often resort to using shovels. 
     Expect both green garlic(I hope) and greens this week in the boxes. The processed food this week will be pear butter from local source. Based on the amount of pears it required to make the butter, it should be great. Have a good week.

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