Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Dec 6, 2010

     It was very windy last night and the greenhouses were shaking which always keeps me awake. This weather system is supposed to be followed by some much colder temperatures. I guess winter is here.
     I spend a lot of time making wreaths now. the vegetables and apples are packed and organized by my employees Gordon and Stuart. The spinach and the various types of kale and collards are still fresh picked each week with the other products coming out of storage. The baby asian greens and lettuces have germinated in the heated greenhouse and should be ready around Christmas or early january.These green vegetables will complement winter kales and spinach and mache. All the winter greens are weather dependent and limited in supply. Spinach is typically solid through Christmas, sporadic in january and early february, and then plentiful again. Kale is usually dependable well into february. The heated greenhouse will produce throughout the winter unless I sleep in at any point and the stove goes out.
     There will be funny looking sweet potatoes in the boxes this week. They are white-fleshed and quite sweet. We find that they cook a little slower than the regular ones, at least when they are roasted.
     Have a good week

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