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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Apr 11, 2023

Another beautiful day today to follow the last one. We planted our first significant outside vegetable seeds yesterday. Radishes, hakurei turnips, pac choi, mustard greens, arugula, carrots, golden beets, sno peas, snap peas, and shell peas. Everything is covered with floating row covers to protect from insects abd cold. We will continue seeding today. I have quite a few transplants ready to go out as well later this week. Mostly lettuces and cabbages and kohlrabi and chard. We will be planting every week from now until late August so we have a continual production of produce for the year. At least that is the plan. The weather often causes modifications to the plan. We are getting very close to harvesting some of the spring planted crops in the unheated coldframes now. The spinach and mache and arugula and mixed greens were all planted last fall and overwintered in the unheated coldframes. Most of these crops are finished and we have transplanted new seedlings from the heated greenhouse into the empty spaces. We have arugula, pac choi, mixed Asian greens, mustard greens, kohlrabi, different kales, hakurei turnips, green onions, romaine, cilantro, green garlic, and different leaf lettuces all coming over the next two to four weeks. This is unusually important this spring because we have very little root vegetables left. Most people do not get really excited about eating yet another cabbage in April but the staples like cabbage and squash and carrots are important in the late winter and early spring especially until we have enough new leafy vegetables to supply people. It is almost 7 am and my employee Gordon has been picking greens for a while now. I think I'll join him. The window to harvest greens in coldframes is very short on nice sunny days because they heat up very quickly. Have a good week. Enjoy the nice weather. t

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