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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Nov 9, 2021

     I guess that the summer must be over finally because the frost finally killed off the tomatoes and eggplants and beans. I was getting fairly tired of picking beans anyway. We did pick a lot of peppers over the last couple of weeks and they will continue to be available for a little while. We decided to put a couple poblano peppers in each CSA box this week as well as a few jalapenos. Jalapeno peppers are a hot pepper but they are very mild in terms of heat.  We do grow many types of very hot peppers but I have learned not to put them in the CSA boxes becaise they can be surprising if you are not familiar with them.
     We are completely finished picking apples now and have harvested most of the winter supply of daikons and cabbages. The majority of carrots are harvested now and we are about to pick beets and rutabagas. Things like leeks and parsbips and parsley roots and kales are still outside and will be for a time. We will have very little nappa cabbage this year. The crop was looking good but we had an unusual problem a couple weeks ago when a large flock of Canada Geese landed in the field and destroyed them. I have watched the geese fly overhead every year for decades but this is the first time I have experienced damage from them. The only nappa that we will have this year is a very small planting in another field. We have already harvested them before the geese find them as well.
     I think that overall the growing season was very good. We had lots of rain, lots of sun, and a fall that just never seemed to end. The vast majority of crops (excluding nappa) were good. I am glad that some of the intense field harvesting is behind us now. Soon I will be focusing on wreath making.
     Have a good week.

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