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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Aug 23, 2021

     Another fairly wet day in the valley today but we spent a good part of it pulling weeds on our hands and knees. I would not say that pulling weeds makes me excited but it is kind of essential if you want to harvest a crop someday. We have found this season particularly difficult to control weeds. There seems to be more weeds germinating with all the moisture and when you weed, cultivate, or hoe the weeds they do not seem to die because it keeps raining and they just get transplanted a little further down the row. Hopefully we get a good stretch of dry weather now.
     We have decided to put okra in the CSA boxes this week. I have grown okra for a few years but it has always struggled to produce any amount. This year it is doing really well and I think that we will have just enough to put a little in each share. The boxes will also have cherry tomatoes, lettuce, blueberries, peaches, watermelon, and a leek as well as a few other vegetables that are yet to be decided.
     I noticed that the eggplants are finally starting to produce fruit this week. There should be enough for the CSA by next week. Cucumbers as well by next week. I have had a few people asking about timing on these two crops. They are both late this year but it is mostly the fault of my management. 
     Have a good week.

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