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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Jun 2, 2020

     I have to say that I like the cooler weather that we have had the last couple of days. It seemed that the very warm days last week felt like mid summer and not the last week of May. We spend a lot of our time in the fields hoeing crops by hand, cultivating with a small tractor, and hand weeding. We are also transplanting a lot of the summer crops now. Today we planted about ten types of sweet peppers into the field. We will continue tomorrow with the hot peppers and specialty peppers. The different types of eggplant will be going in the ground later this week and the melons will be planted outside starting on Monday. All of the melon plantings and all of the eggplant plantings will be covered with floating row covers to protect against insects as well as to add heat to the plants.
     The CSA boxes are almost entirely harvested from the outside fields now. The spinach is basically finished for now. We have a lot of hakurei turnips growing in the field and they are in the box tomorrow. We also picked some kale outside today. The kale bags have different types of kale in them. Some toscano, some red kale, and some curly green kale. By next week the crops like kale and swiss chard will be large enough that we can start bunching the leaves instead of using plastic bags for them. We should also have green onions ready for the boxes next week. I think that kohlrabi will be ready in a couple weeks and broccoli in three weeks. The shell peas and snap peas have started to blossom and we removed the row covers to allow pollinating insects on the plants. Overall things are looking fairly positive on the farm. We are very busy harvesting the spring crops while planting new crops and maintaining some weed control on the existing ones. This is the time of year when there are so many things to do and keep track of but strangely I kind of like it.
Have a good week.

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