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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday May 5, 2020

     The air had a fairly cold feel to it today but I was still a bit surprised by the snow flurries that began floating down this afternoon. For some reason I think that the wintery weather should be kind of finished by the 5th of May. We enjoyed this miserable cold and wet day immensely by transplanting little leek transplants on our hands and knees. We transplanted during a light rain event; not the snowy event. I remain somewhat optimistic that the weather will get significantly warmer at some point in the next few months. We also seeded many types of watermelons, tropical melons, honeydews, cantaloupes, galia melons, and even some crazy heirloom French melons called prescott fond blanc today. These are planted in the heated greenhouse and will grow for about four weeks before we hand plant them all on raised beds with black plastic and then they will all be covered with floating row covers for insect protection as well as to increase heat for the plants. Melons are very challenging in Nova Scotia but the taste of fresh local melons in mid to late August is incredible. 
     Tomorrow we will begin some serious weed control in the first major outside plantings. We pull back the row covers and then begin hand weeding and hoeing the crops underneath. The very first spring planted outside crops will be ready in about ten days. This will include some French breakfast radishes, baby arugula, and some small Asian greens. As we move into early June we should have some kohlrabi, broccoli, broccolini, lettuces, chard, snap peas, baby kale, and bunched turnips as well as lots of the other greens that thrive in the spring weather. It will stop snowing by June.
     The lettuce that was in the CSA boxes last week was a frisee lettuce called Ezrilla. This week we have a boston type of lettuce. Boston lettuces are very soft and sweet. Next week we will have romaine. There are also beet greens in the CSA boxes this week. 
Have a good week. Stay safe.

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