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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Apr 28, 2020

     I had to take a van load of vegetables to Halifax this morning. I think it was the worst drive to the city in April that I have experienced. The weather forecast was calling for some accumulating snow but I did not pay much attention to it. I guess I probably should have. I decided to buy a new set of snow tires on the way back home. Tomorrows drive with the CSA boxes should be better with new tires on the van.
     Most of the crops that we have in the field should not be impacted by this snow. They are all under row covers and the sun tomorrow will quickly heat up the covers and melt the snow. We did plant out zucchini plants last week friday under row covers and they basically all died from the cold. I have new plants growing in the heated greenhouse and we will try again in two or three weeks. I typically plant zucchini out between late April and early May each year with good success under the covers but this season was too cold. I usually do not admit to my failures because it is much more fun to talk about the things that worked.
     There are a few new crops in the CSA boxes this week. We have the first of our greenhouse grown lettuce heads. This week they are frisee lettuce. We also have baby pac choi in the boxes. I have been quickly frying the choi with a bit of fermented black bean and garlic paste. The other new plant in the boxes are hakurei turnips. These are great raw or quickly cooked. The greens are also delicious; just steamed with butter or quickly wilted in a bit of oil. 
     The CSA boxes will be comprised of mostly green leafy vegetables for the next six or seven weeks. We will soon have green onions, romaine lettuce, rhubarb, and spring radishes. There are limited amounts of root vegetables in storage as well as apples. 
     We are constantly planting crops outside and will begin hand weeding the earliest crops starting next week. Hopefully it will stop snowing soon so we can find the crops.
     Have a good week.
Stay safe.

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