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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Apr 20, 2020

     I have been asked by several people to send a newsletter out this week updating everyone on spring planting. After the unbelievable events of the last couple of days with all of the senseless death and pain across the province it just seems like spring planting is not very important right now. It is just hard to believe that this kind of violence can happen here and the ongoing situation with the pandemic makes it more difficult to cope with it. I know a couple of people related to at least one of the victims of this mass killing. With so many victims involved there will be far reaching impacts.
     Things on the farm are going smoothly. We are very busy spring planting now. We are still covering almost all plantings with floating row covers to protect from cold and insects. Most of the early plantings have already germinated and are growing well. We will open the row covers and begin hand weeding and hoeing by the weekend. By the end of next week we will be transplanting crops like zucchini and patty pans into the fields and covering them with the covers. It is risky planting frost sensitive things this early but I have had good success with them over the last few years.
     We will have several new crops that should be ready in the greenhouses by next week. We should have the beginnings of lettuce, baby bok hoy, and those small sweet Japanese hakurei turnips. Hopefully these will be ready in time for the CSA boxes next week. We still have a few winter root vegetables left but they are getting low. There should be enough production in the greenhouses to keep things interesting until the first field crops begin which will be in mid-May.
Be kind to one another.
Stay safe.

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