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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Mar 30, 2020

     Everything is on track for the CSA pickup on Wednesday. We are at full capacity in Halifax on Wednesdays now. With that in mind we ask everyone to maintain social distancing and enter the grainery shop one person at a time.  Last week everything went very smooth with the pickups. I would like to thank everyone who brought back CSA boxes that they had left at home previous weeks. We had enough rubbermaid totes returned to handle all the boxes this week.
     Things on the farm are very busy. With the current pandemic I am finding it much more time consuming to facilitate sales. When the market was open the majority of our farms income came from the once a week market. We have seen extremely strong demand for the vegetables and fruit we grow but organizing deliveries and maintaining social distancing is time consuming. I will probably cut back a little on my spring planting but expand things for late summer and fall. My hope is that things will be closer to normal by late summer. I'm not sure what normal is going to be.
     Enjoy the boxes this week. Stay safe.

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