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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Aug 8, 2010

     It's been another beautiful and busy weekend for us, hope your's was good too.  This weekend was the first market in the new Seaport Market in Halifax.  Ted found it was busy with many people visiting to check it out.  The Brewery Market carried on as well and we'll continue also selling here for the meantime.  As our CSA continues to expand there will likely be changes in our Halifax markets as we want to actually produce the food we sell and we do not want to expand our production. 
    This past week we began picking peaches.  Ted will begin picking apples tomorrow.  The varieties that are ready for harvest in the near future are July Red and Jerseymac.  These summer apples are usually tart and have a short shelf life.  Clapp pears should be ready soon.
    Sarah and Ted picked a yellow watermelon today.  The flesh was yellow but the seeds were still white which indicates they need a few more days.  Tropical melons(diplomat-honeydew like) should also be ready this week.  Cantaloupes and red watermelon should be ripe the following week.  There is also a good possibility that eggplants and peppers will be ready by the weekend.  
    A few things that should be in the box this week are leeks, new apples, peaches, blueberries and more veggies!


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