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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Apr 29, 2018

     With the nice weather we have had lately I am expecting some early field crops in the next two or three weeks. We have a couple acres of early crops planted and all under row covers. Crops that are up and growing include radishes, hakurei and golden turnips, Asian greens, chard, carrots, sno pes, snap peas, shell peas, green onions, zucchinis, lettuces, and arugula. I planted beans last week but they are not up yet. We will continue to plant more crops this week. All of the perennial trees are starting to show little green growth as well as the berry bushes. Things are going to be very busy from now on.
     The funny looking black roots in the CSA boxes last week were spring dug salsify. This European vegetable is usually peeled and boiled in water until soft. It can be served on its own or with butter or cream. It is sometimes called vegetable oyster. If you add a little lemon to the boiling water it will keep the roots more white as they cook. Some of the unusual vegetables that we grow are just unusual. I think that salsify is quite good.
     Expect new crops appearing in the boxes over the next two to three weeks. Once we start with a few early radishes the turnips, pac choi, lettuce and rhubarb comes on at once right after the radishes. The days of the root vegetables will come to an end.
     As a final note please remember to return your CSA totes each week. The vast majority of members do remember but it only takes a few stockpiles of forgotten totes and we run short. Thanks.

Have a good week.

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