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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jun 28, 2015

     It is just starting to rain here in Lakevillle on Sunday afternoon. Rain in the summer is usually more than welcome although I have to say we have been overly blessed as of late. We have had about five inches of rain in the last week with more coming today. On sandy soils the crops are doing great with many new crops starting to mature. On the heavier clay soils I am starting to see some problems from the cold and wet conditions. Hopefully the sun will come out and the wind will help dry us out this week.
     As I just mentioned, we have lots of new crops coming. We have started picking a few snap peas, some baby carrots, some zucchini, spring daikon, and even a couple broccoli. The CSA boxes will transition very quickly from the focus on spring greens to a more summer-like selection in the next couple weeks. I continue planting different greens and radishes and lettuces each week but they will no longer be the major component of the boxes.
     I probably should know better than to be optimistic but the crops overall look fantastic this year. The apples look very good and the vegetable fields are great for the most part. There are always some things that fail but it seems inevitable with the huge variety of things that I grow (or try to). 
     We have decided to cancel the CSA delivery for this next week because Canada Day falls on Wednesday.  This will mean that the grainery in Halifax will be closed as well as most other businesses. When we restart delivery on July 8 the boxes should have a very different look. I will send out a reminder or two in the next couple of days regarding the Canada Day cancellation. Hopefully nobody drives to their pickup location to be disappointed.
     Have a good week. I'm eating snap peas for supper.

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