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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

     I am having some trouble staying completely ecstatic about the weather this spring. Today I went in to Halifax to take Katherine for a summer job interview. It was 2 degrees and lightly snowing most of the way in. The crops that we planted eight days ago are still not up; not even the spring radishes. Usually with row covers over them I would expect to see something within five or six days. This year will be fantastic to teach me patience. Hopefully the weather will improve a lot next week. It is supposed to.
     The next crops willl be planted this coming weekend. They should include peas, snap peas, snow peas, fava beans, chard, beets, green onions, lettuces, and random other stuff. Everything will be covered with floating row covers as soon as it is in the ground. This should help with germination because the soil is still very cold. Hopefully with better temperatures next week we can start transplanting soon. I am running out of things for my employees to do although they might be shovelling snow if this keeps up.
     A reminder for CSA members in Halifax. If you have extra CSA bins kicking around that you want to return, can you please bring them to the brewery market on Saturday. The grainery can accomadate the one bin per member but not the extra volumes. A few people last week brought back several bins each and we have trouble storing them at the grainery. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
     The mixed greens in the bins this week are the first regular sized salad leaves; not micro mix. This should mean that we are into spring greens, not winter greens. Hope you enjoy them.

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