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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Apr 12, 2015

     We spent a couple of days in Halifax this weekend because my daughter Sarah was singing in a childrens choir. I could not believe the amount of snow melt when I returned tonight. Snow melt is only exciting because it means that planting is coming VERY soon. I'm hoping that we can start planting outside in a week or ten days. This means that we can realistically start planting in a couple weeks from now. But I remain optimistic.
     The BIG reason for this newsletter is to notify the CSA members in Halifax that we are changing our drop off location this week. Our drop location on Wednesday will be at the Grainery at 2385 Agricola street. This is just a couple blocks down the street from Local Source. I have had several comments (and complaints) about parking this winter and have decided to make changes. I think that the parking in the area around Local Source is getting more difficult and the winter that we had is not helping either. There seems to be more available street parking a few blocks away and the CSA members who walk to pick up their box will still be in the same general area. The Grainery is open from 2:30 until 6:30 for pickup. There will be a volunteer there to check off your name when you pick up the box and return the empty box each Wednesday. The Grainery offers different products for sale as well. There are a couple other farms that offer CSA programs with pickup at the Grainery.
     I would like to thank Sean and the people at Local Source for hosting our CSA for the last few years. We continue to work with Local Source and supply them with different products that we grow. 
     I plan to send a couple more email reminders over the next couple of days to ensure that everyone understands the change in venue. 
     Have a good week.

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