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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Feb 23, 2015

     I am just about ready to tell the winter that it has overpowered me.  We have about a million feet of snow here and the cold is consistent to say the least. I guess there is not much sense in complaining since the majority of you have likely noticed it as well. The snow has claimed one of our steel framed hoop houses this month but the other five are ok. The structure that went down was full of arugula. If you hate arugula this is good news. If you make a living growing(and selling) things like arugula it was not great.
     The last week in February is typically the time when we see new growth on the overwintered greens like spinach, arugula, mache, mustards, and baby kale. This year is different. We have shovelled snow off of the cold frames (hoop houses) so many times now that I stopped counting. The snow builds up against the cold frames and prevents light from getting in. It also acts like a big freezer leaning up against little greens that want to grow.  In Nova Scotia we usually get some variable temperatures in the winter that cause settling and melting of the snow but not this year. After the big freeze tonight and tomorrow the weather looks like it is going to change with lots of sunny days in the near future. This should help bring on more greens in a couple of weeks.
     We still have enough root vegetables for a while but are starting to run out of some things. I would expect by later in March the vegetables in the CSA boxes should be about an even mix of spring greens and storage roots. This plan is based on the assumption that spring is going to come. I assume it will.
     Have a good week.


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