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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Mar 11, 2014

     We spent some time today transplanting kale transplants into a cold greenhouse. I guess this would be the first new spring planting of the year. We are picking a little arugula and mache now and will be picking some more spinach by the weekend. The boxes have some mache this week as well as the micro mix. 
     The shallots, red onions, leeks, celeriac, and some random other greens are planted and growing in the heated greenhouse. The weather has been so cold and wintery that I am planting most of these starter plants a little later than I usually do.  We do not expect to be planting in the fields for at least three weeks.
     Pruning of the apple trees is really just getting started except for my mother who has been working away at it for about two months. The snow has settled a fair bit and I can walk on top of the snow that remains which will make the pruning more enjoyable. We still have about ten acres of fruit trees to prune before spring work gets busy.
     We are starting to run out of some of the root vegetables but the different greens are finally growing enough to replace them. The next month the boxes should be a blend of roots, apples, and greens. By the end of April the CSA will be mostly salads, stir fry greens, baby turnips and radishes.
     I expect a good season with good employees. With only one exception all the seasonal employees from last year will be coming back to work this season. Having experienced people who like the work is great and makes my life easier. Hopefully the winter weather will end in the next little while so we can get planting.
     Have a good week.

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