Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Friday Nov 22, 2013

     My hands and back are starting to ache from making christmas wreaths so I decided to come in the house and send a quick newsletter. I realize that it has been a while and a few CSA members have reminded me of this fact. We are still harvesting a few crops out of the fields each week but this should come to and end in the next couple of weeks. By the first of December we will probably only have some kale left in the open fields. The heated greenhouse will produce micromix within two weeks and we are picking lots of other greens from the coldframes.
     Apples are all picked up for another year and we have lots of apples and pears in storage. Most of the seasonal employees are either finished for the season or will be finished shortly. The crop was an average crop in the end although I had predicted a very big crop. Maybe that was optimism more than knowledge.
     The heat from the woodstove has made my back feel better so I think I'll go make some more wreaths. They will be at the brewery market tomorrow and for the next couple of weeks. Have a good week.

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