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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Aug 25, 2013

     I guess that the newsletter that I wrote and sent yesterday somehow got lost. I sent a newsletter out yesterday but as you probably noticed, it was blank. I'll try again.
     The summer has been very busy for us with great weather and lots of crops. I feel that I'm not a 'real' farmer when I speak in such a positive way but it has been a very good year for the majority of our vegetable and fruit crops. We are still in the middle of summer crops like tomatoes and cucumbers and beans but a lot of fall type crops are coming soon. We have a few winter squash almost ready as well as leeks and dry onions and shallots. Late summer crops like watermelons should be ripe later this week. We ate a yellow watermelon for supper and a red watermelon for an after supper snack. They were both a couple days early to be picked but still tasted ok. We also feed our kids other foods besides watermelon.
     We only have a few peaches left to pick now and only blue prune plums left to pick of the plums. We started picking clapp pears and lots of early apples. The apple crop is very good; much better than last year. Two weeks ago today I was driving down the road from our house with Sarah and Aleida when we saw a really big black bear standing under an apple tree picking early apples. That was the first bear I have ever noticed on our farm. He ate some apples but there are lots left.
     We have been making the CSA boxes with a lot of fruit over the last month or so. The season for berries and stone fruit is short and coming to an end soon so we will continue to focus on those fresh fruits and berries for the next couple of weeks. Lots of fall vegetables like nappa, broccoli, leeks, and squash will soon show up in your boxes.
     Have a great week.

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