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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

     I think that the 125 millimetres of rain that we have been blessed with over the last few days is almost enough. They say that rain makes plants grow but I can't tell if it is true because the plants are mostly under water right now.  There is sun in the forecast for the next few days and hopefully that will help dry things out a little. We spent the day harvesting in the fields which I found somewhat less than enjoyable. I did pick a few bunched carrots and a few snap peas today and that is very exciting. This means that the CSA boxes today will be the last of the spring greens based boxes. It does not mean that you don't have to eat greens anymore; just that we can add things like bunched carrots, snap peas, snow peas, shell peas, strawberries, and zucchini. All of these should make CSA appearances in the next couple of weeks.
     We continue to plant new crops each week as well as weeding and cultivating the existing crops. Our first planting of string beans is just starting to blossom. The zucchini are in flower and have tiny little fruit on them. Our third planting of radishes is almost ready. Our third planting of Asian greens and hakurei turnips is almost ready.  The tomatoes are setting fruit and tomatillos are in bloom. In the coldframes the Chinese long beans are around four to five feet high with a few flower buds showing. The ginger root is coming up with a few plants four or five inches high. It is growing slower than I expected but my expectations were uneducated and based on an unreasonably positive outlook that seems to plague me at times. My new and slightly subdued outlook is that it will make ginger root at some point late summer or early fall. We planted some jicama in a coldframe as well. It is still small but it is growing. The seed took much longer to arrive this spring than I expected so I will not take responsibility if it does not work out. The basil and the callaloo are both doing well.
     I have one simple housekeeping note to pass on. A CSA member has left two cheques for $120.00 each at local source in Halifax. The name on the cheques is not the name of anyone on our CSA and we do not know which account it was intended to make payment on. If you suspect that this might be you or if you notice that your cheques (both of them) have not been deposited, please email us and let us know. We will not deposit the payments until we find out which account it is intended for. Thanks.
     I just noticed that it is almost 9 pm. Have a good night and a good week.

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