Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

     It's been a busy week for me. Debra has been in Toronto this week for a conference and the kids have been with me. It is raining today but the weather has been fairly good; just a bit cold. We have about four acres in with row cover on it. The first salad greens and radishes should be ready in less than two weeks in the field. The cold frames should have kale, Asian greens, arugula, beet greens, swiss chard, and hakurei turnips within the week.
     The boxes this week have a bit of pac choi in them and some real salad mix, as opposed to micro mix which is now finished for the season. We have added some local cherry tomatoes again. Root vegetables are running out fast and today will be the last of the winter cabbage. Most people would rather eat fresh beet greens and kales this time of year anyway. I've got to go now, the bus is coming for the kids.
     Have a good week.

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