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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jan 27, 2013

     It feels like this wintery weather is finally changing. Yesterday afternoon was quite pleasant and today and tomorrow look good as well. I've been mostly inside the house over the last few days because I am not feeling well. Probably a connection with keeping a wood heated greenhouse going day and night for the last ten days or so. When we get a week like last week with a combination of extreme cold, wind, and a lack of sunlight it makes for difficult growing conditions.  Sunny days like today generate enough heat that even the coldframes without any supplemental heat are comfortable inside. We are nearing the end of January and we will see longer days ahead which makes winter green production much easier. Spinach should grow enough in February to produce some bags for the CSA by later in the month. I would also expect arugula to be in production by late February. The winter kale is basically gone so that will be off the menu until the first spring russian kale shows up. We are almost a month away from seeding the first spring crops into the coldframes. The first planting will be arugula, radishes, hakurei turnips, pac choi, tatsoi, chard, and beets. Lettuces and other greens will follow.
     The micro mix salad will be back in the boxes this week. I just came in from the greenhouse and it looks good. Enjoy the mild temperatures that are forecast for the next few days. Have a good week.

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