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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jan 20, 2013

     I love these mid-winter days when the sun shines and it is 10 degrees celsius. It is looking like I am not going to love the next few days however because the forecast is for some very cold and blustery weather.  I hauled some more firewood into the heated greenhouse today in preparation for the next big chill. This winter has had more cold days than last year which is actually good for us. Many of the insects that usually die during the winter survive when we have very mild conditions and this can create problems in the fields the following season. I guess we need winter cold to kill some nasty bugs even though it makes me kind of cranky. Having sunny and mild weather in the winter makes the greens grow and then I'm too busy and I get cranky. Maybe I need to develop a hobby.
     Tonight I will send out some seed orders for spring planting. I guess this means that I have decided to farm again this year. My daughter Sarah is watching me write this newsletter and she just asked "why wouldn't you farm?." Probably a good question actually. The winter ordering of seeds is the first commitment to another year of production and a factor in the number of acres that will be cultivated in the upcoming season. In a few weeks when the seeds are here I will have a better idea of how much and what I will be growing.
     Each week there is a recipe posted by Selah Koile that uses some of the CSA box contents. you can find the recipes on her website.

     Have a good week.

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