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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Nov 18, 2012

     It was minus five last night and it is supposed to dip down to minus seven tonight.  These temperatures could make salad mix, arugula, and some Asian greens a thing of the past. It is November 18 however and winter is coming even with climate change.  We have most of the crops now out of the fields with brussels sprouts, leeks, and various types of kale remaining. Micro mix is now picked weekly from a greenhouse and baby arugula will be ready in a couple of weeks from another greenhouse. 
     Most of the seasonal employees are finished now and a couple are working part time. Gordon (my full time employee) and I will be doing the bulk of the work from early December until early March. This is the time of year when our work load is reduced and I spend some time planning for the next season. Today Debra and I went for a hike with the younger kids up on the mountain behind the greenhouses. It was chilly outside but really beautiful. The ground was still frozen mid afternoon on the mountain.
     I made supper tonight. We had salad rolls and I made a vegetable and tofu curry with coconut milk. This past Saturday I bought some shiitake mushrooms from a new vendor at the historic market at the brewery. He grows them himself. I added the shiitake mushrooms to my nappa, some carrots, red onion, daikon, celery,bean sprouts, and a few non-local water chestnuts. Acadiana tofu (from the market) and half a can of coconut milk and spices finished it off. It was incredible in my opinion although the mushrooms were probably the highlight for me; not my vegetables. I ate three full plates of it. That was a bit of a mistake I think. No plans to go hiking again any time soon.
     Apple cider will not be in the boxes this week but apples and pears will be. Cider is a common component of the winter CSA boxes but it will not become a fixture until closer to Christmas.
     Have a good week.
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