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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Nov 4, 2012

     It is Sunday evening and I feel like I just ate too much. We had friends over for supper and I decided to make Dutch apple cake with whipped cream for dessert. One piece of cake would have sufficed I guess but I do not always make the best decisions.  I'm paying for that now.
     Hopefully you enjoyed the romanesco cauliflower that was in the boxes last week. I have steamed it, boiled it, and consumed it raw on different occasions but one of my customers told me on Saturday that she always roasts romanesco in the oven with a little oil and salt. I'll try that this week if I have time.
     The weather has been very mild for the time of year but that looks like it will change over the next couple of days. We still have some daikon radish in the fields as well as carrots, beets, and celeriac to harvest. These crops should be out and in storage by mid week.  I will watch the weather more closely now to decide when to harvest and store the different cabbages, turnips, and leeks. If possible we would leave some crops in the ground until late November or even early December.
     All of the greenhouses are planted and growing fairly well. We have hand hoed the first two coldframes and will continue to hoe and weed these crops on days when it is unfit to be harvesting outside.  The heated greenhouse has micromix greens ready to pick now. We ate some micro greens for supper with a bit of lemon basil and finely grated carrot and Chinese watermelon radish. Looked very pretty and tasted good too.  It is unfortunate that I ate too much apple cake afterwards.
     I am hoping that we will have the bulk of our field work finished up in the next couple of weeks. I have been itching to start cutting firewood but have not had time.We have several fields which need to have some trees cut along the perimeter. The trees keep pushing in towards the fields and reducing the amount of land that can be worked. Most of the wood that we cut is in these type of situations. We have a woodlot on the farm but have never cut out of it because we have not needed to.  Apple tree pruning also generates some firewood each year.
     I think that I'm going to head up to bed soon. It's only around eight-thirty but my stomach wants me to go to bed.  Have a good week.


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