Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Oct 15, 2012

     Just thought I would send a quick note to update everyone on the farm. We are almost finished picking apples now. All the pears including bosc and anjou are picked and stored for the winter. We have also finished picking and storing all the winter squash. We continue to pick fresh vegetables each week and all the cabbages, carrots, beets, celeriac, kale, leeks, and other storage vegetables are still in the fields where they will stay for another three weeks or so.
     I decided to build another two greenhouses this fall. We completed one last week and I just got the plastic on the second one this evening, finishing it around 7:15.  It is pretty dark now at 7:15. Several greenhouses are already planted to spinach and arugula which look good.  We will plant more winter greens tomorrow in the two new greenhouses. 
     The CSA boxes this week look like they will have some spinach in them. We are just starting to pick some spinach now and hopefully there is enough for the boxes when we pick tomorrow. 
     I plan to start sending newsletters again on a weekly basis. The season is starting to wind down a little and I have some evenings inside now.  We have been very busy over the last couple months.
     Have a good week.

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