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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Aug 13, 2012

     The rain that came over the last few days is making a big difference now in the fields. It looks like the eggplants will produce heavy by later this week. We picked the first melon today and ate it. It was a yellow watermelon called sunshine. The CSA boxes will have peaches and plums in them again this week. Carrots will be back as well as a few beans. Cherry tomatoes should be a steady component from now until late september when they start to slow down. We are still out of lettuce because of the heat and drought but new plantings should be starting soon. We have some types of winter squash ready but it almost seems too soon to be eating it. Anybody who is on the CSA will be eating lots of squash this fall and winter because we have one of the best squash crops that I have ever grown here. It looks like we will have buttercup, butternut, acorn, red kuri, blue hubbard, green hubbard, ambercup, confection, delicata, sweet dumpling, and sweet mama. I feel bad for CSA members who hate squash. Most of the other fall and winter storage crops look very good as well. I also purchased two more coldframe greenhouses today which I want to put up and plant by late September to increase the volume of winter green production. I often complain about being too busy but I really like new projects like greenhouses. I have to keep trying new crops and doing new things or I lose interest.
     In relation to new crops, I planted some peanuts this year. I pulled a plant up today and it had several peanuts under it. I thought it was kind of interesting but my daughter Sarah thought it was awesome. Immature peanuts that have not been roasted and are still covered in soil do not taste very awesome.
     I hope it keeps raining.
     Have a good week.

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