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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Thursday Aug 2, 2012

     It seems like we finally have enough rain to do some good in the fields. Many crops are looking much better now with tomatoes and eggplants starting to be ready. Some crops like the winter storage squash look really good. It has been very dry this summer but also very hot which is great for some crops. We are about to begin the apple harvest in the next week or so as well. I have picked a few peaches yesterday and some shiro plums will be ready next week. Peaches should be in the CSA next week. I think we might have enough sungold cherry tomatoes as well to go in the CSA.
     We have been having some problems with the CSA drop in Halifax. Over the last two or three months we have had several instances of theft from some boxes. It appears that someone is going to local source  on wednesdays and is taking items from one or more CSA boxes and then leaving. Two different CSA members have  witnessed this in action over the last two months. We have had a couple of comments about incomplete CSA boxes as well. One member got a box with only lettuce and beans. I realize that some weeks are more exciting than others but lettuce and beans is not a complete CSA box and never will be. We are working to fix this problem as quickly as possible. The CSA pickup may soon involve talking to someone who checks your name against a list and then proceeds to hand you a box.If this does not solve things I have other plans. It really irritates me that we have to go to this trouble because of one or two people who think it's cool to steal local blueberries from someone they don't know. Such is life I guess. If anyone notices such theft happening or if you get a CSA box that is lousy (or unusually lousy) please let us know. I have not been busy or anything anyway so I am really looking for something to do.
Have a good week.

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