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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Jun 4, 2012

     I made an awesome discovery last night. The local Sobeys store in New Minas has a dutch food section. I've been snacking on double salted black licorice all day. Maybe it's the salt that makes me feel extra motivated but we accomplished a lot today. The CSA boxes will have carrots this week as well as some Asian greens and salad things. We should have both carrots and some type of peas by next week this time. Zucchini and strawberries by the following week. The days of eating lots of greens will soon be over with the boxes becoming more diverse as crops continue to grow.
     We spend most of the days weeding, cultivating, and hoeing various crops in several different fields now. Each week we continue to seed new plantings and transplant more young plants into the ground. We have now planted most of the hot weather crops outside like eggplants, peppers, squash, and tomatoes. 
    Here's another recipe for you

Massaged Kale Salad

By: Selah Koile RHN



  • Bunch of kale (Russian or dinosaur kale works the best)
  • Sea salt
  • Fresh lemon
  • Toasted sesame oil
  • Umeboshi vinegar (found in most health food departments)



  1. Wash the kale and remove the leaves from the stalks.
  2. Pile the leaves on top of each other like a stack of paper.
  3. Roll the whole stack into a cylinder like a cigar.
  4. Hold the roll firmly and slice the whole roll into fine rounds as you would a carrot.
  5. You should be left with a pile of long strands of kale.
  6.  Put the kale in a bowl and sprinkle with a dash of sea salt and the juice of ½ a lemon.
  7. Massage and squeeze the kale with your hands, until it becomes soft and aromatic, and looks as though it’s been cooked. If you use curly kale it will take longer.
  8. Season with a little bit of umeboshi vinegar and toasted sesame (or olive) oil.
  9. Serve with slices of avocado or other fresh fruits and vegetables of your choosing.


Some ideas:

    • Julienned baby carrots and bean sprouts
    • Sliced apples and baby turnips
    • Strawberries and snap peas
    • Mango and cherry tomato

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