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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday May 1, 2012

     It is 6 AM and I just went outside to check the greenhouse. The weather forecast was for low temperatures of minus 3 last night. There was a good frost but it does not seem that cold right now. a frost this time of the year can be damaging to many crops. Our peach trees are in full blossom as are many varieties of plums. We also have a few vegetable crops outside which are frost susceptible. These are covered with floating row cover which helps to protect them. 
     The strong winds over the last few days did some damage to the row covers and some crops. When the wind blows hard the row covers move and sometimes start to beat the crops up a bit. We see this on the radish leaves and some of the salad greens. You might notice it on the radishes in the CSA boxes this week.
     In last weeks newsletter I asked Halifax customers to sign the check off sheet at local source when they picked up their box. Almost everyone responded which is great. Only three customers forgot to sign the sheet and about eighty-five remembered. I call these eighty-five customers "non-defective customers".  At least they were "non-defective" last week.
     My favourite Asian green will soon be in the CSA boxes. I cooked shanghai pac choi again last week. This week I had it with sesame oil, garlic, ginger root, and tofu. If you fry tofu in oil with ginger, garlic, and lots of salt it actually tastes good. My daughter Katherine is kind of vegetarian right now and she likes tofu so we try to eat it.  In the same meal I made milk-fed pork meatballs with honey and garlic. This is too tempting for some vegetarians.
     This is the last week for apple cider. It will return in late August or early September.
     Have a good week.

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