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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Feb 28, 2012

     I guess that Tuesday evening is a good time to sit down and write a quick newsletter. I just finished making a couple of zucchini cakes (yes it's our own frozen zucchini) and now I have to wait until they are baked before I can eat some. It is interesting how useful a few bags of grated frozen zucchini are in the winter. It is also interesting how nice a bowl of previously frozen applesauce is in the summer. Maybe some curried squash soup that was made and frozen when squash was plentiful.  It is not a coincidence that I mention this in a newsletter for CSA members. Various kinds of preserving are a great way to reduce waste and extend the seasons for many of the foods that end up in your house.
     The longer days are really starting to make a difference. Everyone will get both spinach and micro salad greens in the CSA boxes tomorrow. Over the next month the green vegetables will continue to make up two or three items in each weeks box. If you do not like leafy greens I expect April and May to be a bit depressing for you.
     I am spending some time in the heated greenhouse seeding early spring crops which will be transplanted into unheated coldframes. Today I seeded lettuces, swiss chard, various kales, and several herbs. The first tomato and artichoke seeds will be planted next week. We will also be planting two more coldframes in the next week. These structures had either spinach, arugula, or both in them over the winter but they are now empty and are being made ready for the next crop. We add mushroom compost to each coldframe between crops. This is heavy work with shovels and forks but it is extra good for me as I gained three pounds while vacationing in Cuba. Moving compost with a shovel should help that problem.
     Another big seed order arrived today by courier. Sometimes I look at all this seed and wonder who is going to plant, weed, and pick all that stuff. I actually bought a little less seed this year than I did last year. I am trying to cut back a bit on some crops but it is a very difficult decision to make. Last year; especially in the fall; things got a bit too overwhelming and I was under some stress. Some people told me to do yoga but thinking about doing yoga also stressed me out. I guess it's not an option for me.
     I wonder why it is so exciting for me to plant in the spring. I love this time of year when we plan the crops that we will grow. I always buy too much seed. I always make plans that I physically cannot keep. I feel fairly positive about the upcoming season just like most other years. Maybe there is a connection between the decisions I make now and our crazy busy life later in the fall. Something to think about I guess.
     Have a good week.          ted

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