Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Thursday Feb 16, 2012

Good morning everyone.  We got a call from Local Source saying quite a few people have not picked up their boxes as of yet.  If you have forgotten to get your box and not already contacted Local Source please call them now so they can put it in their cooler. I know a number of people have already called Local Source to save their box. Please remember to sign the check off sheet when you get your  box.  This is our only way of knowing who has not received a box.   Can we ask everyone who receives this email but does not get boxes anymore to go online and sign into their account to confirm that their account is either on hold or closed. This would help us greatly.  If your account is onhold and you wish to close it let us know.  We have many people who would love to get onto the CSA but we are at capacity if everyone is still with the program.  Let us know, thanks, Ted

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