Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Feb 6, 2012

     It is almost ten in the evening and I am still awake. The coyotes are howling like crazy outside the last couple of nights. When I walk to the heated greenhouse in the late evening to put wood in the fire I can often hear them. I'm lucky to be scrawny enough to make a rather small meal for a coyote and therefore I feel somewhat safe. Hope for the best I guess.
     The days are longer now and the greens in the unheated coldframes are responding. I would expect significant growth on these plants by this time next month. Until then the CSA boxes will be heavy on roots and fruit with occasional greens.In two months they will be heavy on greens and light on everything else. It always amazes me how quickly things can change. I really try to stretch the seasons and grow throughout the winter but it becomes more obvious all the time that the natural sunlight and heat of spring is hard to replicate.
     I sent several e-mails to people this week about the check off sheet at local source. Please sign the sheet when you get your box. It helps us to track accounts and boxes. It also helps us if you check your account balance and contact us if you would like to renew or not. Our internet is presently down and we may not be able to check e-mails for a while. I'm writing this from my mothers computer.
     Have a great week.           ted

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