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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jan 29, 2012

     I didn't send a newsletter last week. I know this because a customer in Halifax asked me on Saturday if nothing newsworthy was happening in my life. I responded by telling her that my life was rather insignificant in terms of the big picture. She said "that's ok; just send a newsletter." I suspect that she does not even eat vegetables; probably just reads stuff on the computer all day long.
     We will (finally) have enough micro mix to put small bags of salad in the boxes this week. I have had many problems with this greenhouse this year but they seem to be better now. I have never had to deal with aphids of any amount in winter greenhouses before but this winter is different. I think it is different because it has not really been very wintery. The beneficial insects seem to have gained control now. The micro mix will be followed with green garlic chives in another week or two. Spinach should kick on as a regular component of the CSA boxes in about a month from now. Root vegetables, cabbages, leeks, apples and pears will make up the bulk of the next month. We plan to put local mushrooms in the boxes again this week as well.
     I sent the first major seed order last week. This means that I will most likely grow vegetables yet again this year. The level of stupid that my life will be in a given summer/fall season is largely determined by the amount and selection of vegetable seed that I order now. Weather and employees are also contributing factors into how the season will go. I have been lucky enough to have some excellent and committed people on the farm that I know I can count on. Part time and seasonal students are becoming more difficult to find although there are still some good ones out there. My extended family has reproduced enough to make a few vegetable pickers for the next few years. Over the next few months I will send several more seed orders out for various crops from several different suppliers. I try to buy the majority of my seed from companies in the maritimes. Some comes from Ontario, some from Maine, and a few odd ethnic seeds from California.
     We continue to be busy on the farm. My mother, my employee Gordon, and I are pruning apple trees whenever the weather is acceptable. My mother sometimes prunes when the weather is unacceptable. I work in the heated greenhouse when the weather is unacceptable for pruning. Some people call that wimpy; I call it smart.
     Have a good week.          ted

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