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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Jan 9, 2012

     By the look of our CSA list, I think that most people must be back from the holidays.Sounds like a great opportunity to explain to everyone (again) how the CSA works.Please be patient if you have already figured it out.
     Everyone on the program has an account on our website. Generally speaking your account is either "active" or "on hold". If your account is "active" by Monday night (midnight), then we will prepare a box for you on Tuesday and ship it on Wednesday. If your account is "on hold" we do not make a box for you that week. If your account is "on hold" and you feel like taking a box anyway than someone who is "active" and is expecting a box and paid for a box does not get a box. At the Hutten Family Farm, we call such customers "unhappy". This discontent is understandable. Please do what you can to maintain a level of happiness in the greater community. If you forget your password; just email us and we'll help you. Sometimes I forget to bring the check off sheets to local source in Halifax although they are usually there. If your name is not on the sheets there is not a box for you because your account is "on hold". Please note that if you put your box "on hold" for a given week it remains "on hold" until you access your account and turn it to "active". Thanks.
     The carrots in the CSA boxes last week were dug fresh from the field. I admit that they are a little bit ugly but they are sweet. I know some people that are the same. We tried to dig some more today but the frost was too deep. Maybe later this week. We now have a couple of centimeters of snow which should help to protect them.
     We picked both green and red kale again today in the field. We are nearing the end of these greens; not because of weather but because our supply in the field is almost all gone. Maybe two or three weeks left. I am hoping that we will be back into microgreens from the heated greenhouse by next week. These greens have been very frustrating for me this year because of both aphid problems and lower production. I think the predators are gaining over the aphids but I thought so last week as well.
     I do not plan to put beets in the CSA boxes this week but I wanted to mention a nice salad I made with beets yesterday. Just roast the beets, cool them and slice them. Add sliced red onion and lots of feta cheese. I put a little arugula and sorrel in it. I made a homemade dressing with olive oil, vinegar, and brown sugar. I'm convinced that it was healthy because we still called it "salad".
     We will begin pruning fruit trees this week. We will spend the nicer winter days pruning and work inside on the windy ones. 
     Have a good week.         ted

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