Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Dec 12, 2011

     It is almost time for me to write a newsletter. I think it has been a couple of weeks. I have been a bit too busy over the past few months (or maybe years?) and I had that stomach flu last week. I'm thinking that a little vacation might be a good idea this winter; maybe even a warm destination other than a heated greenhouse. I guess we will see how things go after the holidays.
     We have still been picking a lot of greens outside in the fields. We have had a lot of tatsoi, pac choi, kale, and even some broccoli and cauliflower that are alive. This is very unusual and not in keeping with a typical Nova Scotia fall and winter. It has helped to make a positive end to a growing year that was very difficult in the spring and early summer.I will admit to being a little tired of picking various greens outside on my hands and knees in December although the weather has been great. I think that we have endured far less cold and wet days in the fields this year than on average.
     Today I used a chainsaw to cut up a dead tree that broke down last week alongside the road that we live on. Hopefully we will have some time over the holidays to spend a few days cutting firewood for next winter. We use firewood to heat our house and also in the greenhouse. Most of the wood used in the greenhouse is from old apple trees. I love cutting wood with a chainsaw; it makes me feel kind of tough.
     We plan to continue the CSA box deliveries each week through the Christmas holidays. Several people have told us that they will be gone for two or three weeks to visit family. If you do not need a CSA box on any given week, just go online and log into your account. You can put the box on hold and then re-activate it when you return. 
     Have a good week.           ted

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