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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Wednesday Nov 23, 2011

     I know that today is already Wednesday and I have not sent a newsletter out yet. We have been very busy little beavers trying to get as many crops harvested and inside before this crazy snowfall today. We have about 16 or 17 inches of snow outside here in Lakeville. That converts to a lot of snow in metric. It is well over my rubber boots in the driveway and has drifted up to my knee height or better in places. 
     The CSA boxes that we sent out today were kind of green and salad-like for this time of the year.  Enjoy the greens while they are young and tender. The spinach and the micro greens should be fairly common throughout much of the fall and winter. That should help make a root vegetable based diet a little more interesting.
     I am spending some time now making Christmas wreaths. They will be for sale at the brewery market over the next month or so. They are a good product for me to make because I can assemble them in the evenings or when the weather is unusually miserable. The brush and rose hips are a little hard on the hands but I actually enjoy making them. It also makes my hands look really rough and tough. Debra says that I should use hand cream.
     The only crops of significance left in the field are kale, brussels sprouts, parsnips, some carrots, leeks, and a bunch of Asian greens. Most of these will be quite happy under the snow and we will continue harvesting them when the snow melts. The snow will melt.
     I think I will bake a few apple pies and then go make some wreaths; but first it is bedtime for Sarah and Aleida. Debra is working this evening and will end up stranded at the hospital tonight after her shift so it is the three kids and myself alone tonight.
     Have a good week; enjoy the snow.        ted

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