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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Oct 30, 2011

     It was cold today. I knew it was cold because there was snow mixed with the rain and wind. In some areas of Lakeville I found it quite nice; especially in the heated greenhouse with a stove full of dead apple tree stumps. The first micro mix greens that I seeded last Monday are up. They came up on Thursday and look great. They should be in the CSA boxes in about three weeks. Spinach should begin again around the same time. For some reason that I cannot explain we seem to have more salad greens in the winter than in the fall. This is a management failure on my part. We plan to have salad greens in the boxes this week for the first time in a while. My lettuce plantings for fall were not very successful. I believe this is because I forgot to water the transplants in the greenhouses in late summer and they basically all died. I'm over it now; everything is gonna be alright.
     We will have more broccoli in the boxes this week. There is also a new planting of small carrots which we are into. Apple cider will start either this week or next. As I just said, salad mix will also be in the boxes.
     We are now almost finished picking apples from the trees. Just a few russets, delicious, and ida red left. The wind helped us pick a lot of them today; the ground is just littered with fallen apples.Another management failure. Hopefully two more days will finish them and we can get the drops picked up before snowfall. We have a lot of nappa cabbage harvested now as well as winter radishes and beets and some turnips. This week looks quite cold but nice and sunny. I'm feeling awful motivated right now at 9 pm on Sunday. I hope the feeling lasts through the week and we get some things picked.
     Halloween is tomorrow. Sarah said that she wants to dress up as a mummy. I assume she means the Egyptian type; not the parental kind. We will take Sarah and Aleida to a few houses in the community to get some trick or treating done. My kids like candy a lot but we try to limit the halloween volumes. Some people in the community will get them a coloring book and crayons instead of candy. It is easy to buy nice treats when you only get two or four kids coming to your house each year.
     I'm going to go to bed because it is crazy late (9:15 pm).  I remember my father making late night observations while driving home from Kentville years ago. He said that anyone still out and about after 10 pm was probably up to no good. I really like this comment and I still use it all the time. It gets you some funny looks. 
     Have a good week.     ted

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