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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Oct 9, 2011

     Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I am going to eat a lot. We are supposed to go to my mothers house with all my siblings and their families to spend some time together. When I am not eating I will be picking apples. The variety that we will focus on this week will be cortlands. Over the next ten days or so the remaining cultivars will ripen and be ready for picking. We still have to pick kings, empires, gala, jonagold, russet, golden delicious, red delicious, northern spy, ida reds, mutsu, fuji, and a few others.Lots of stuff to do and never enough time.
     Vegetables continue to do well in the fields. We have not had a significant frost yet which is unusual for this time of the year. The warm and beautiful fall weather has helped to offset what was a difficult, cold, and wet spring and early summer. We are lucky to have such lousy and unpredictable weather events on an ongoing basis because it provides me with material for my weekly e-mail. When the weather is not good, I gripe. When the weather is good, I am overworked and cranky. My wife Debra is really lucky.
     I have just planted two coldframes with spinach and arugula. The other coldframes and greenhouses will all be seeded with winter greens over the next couple of weeks. The bigger heated greenhouse will not be planted with micro mix greens untill mid november. Hopefully the apples will be picked up by then and I will have a little more time. 
     We are hoping to put nappa cabbage in the CSA boxes this week. Debra makes a nice salad with quinoa and nappa that we both really like. It is funny how much our diets have changed through life. We ate such typical dutch immigrant food when we were growing up. Potatoes every day with chicken or pork and a vegetable; usually green beans cooked about an hour with butter, nutmeg, and salt. Overcooked beans with butter and nutmeg taste great and you don't need any teeth to eat them.
     Enjoy the holiday weekend and have a great thanksgiving.      ted

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