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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Oct 2, 2011

     It is raining. There is a fair bit of rain in the forecast over the next couple of days as well. Rain is not a whole lot of fun this time of year because we have to continue harvesting in it. We continue to harvest every day now; both for immediate sales and also for winter storage. Cold fall rains tend to slow us down but they also help to make us tough. I am typically more cold than tough.
     The last five or six weeks have been excellent. The weather was great and unusually warm. We have not had a frost on our farm yet which enabled us to pick eggplant, beans, and tomatoes outside into the month of October. We may have one more pick of string beans this week if the weather cooperates. We have not picked the bulk of our winter squash yet which will be a priority this week. Several apple varieties are now ready (some past ready) to pick and we continue to harvest them.
     The next planting of Asian greens is ready. It includes pac choi, boc choi, nappa, guy lon, tatsoi, mizuna, Japanese spike mustard, and bau sin.We will try to have something from this planting in the boxes either this week or next week. Asian greens produce really well in the fall and many of the choi family will tolerate a lot of cold. I have picked shanghai pac choi outside into December. It looked a little rough but still tasted great.
     If I have enough ready I plan to put romanesco cauliflower in the boxes this week. It is a pointed kinda crazy looking cauliflower that is one of the most beautiful plants I have grown. The taste is quite similar to regular cauliflower; just a bit more dense in texture. Cook it whole if possible because the presentation is more spectacular.
     I'm going to bed now because it is very late. It is almost 9.      ted

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