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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Sep 11, 2011

     Some people tell me that I am a whacko. Well I gotta tell you that I'm not the only one. We have received more positive e-mails and comments about those strange little lemon cucumbers than any other product that we have forced you to eat in the last couple of months. It is kind of funny how something as obscure and insignificant as a little lemon shaped cucumber can generate such interest. I have to admit that they do taste good and I do not like cukes in general.
     We will be very busy again on the farm this week. I expect that we will be pulling the shallots in the morning for drying for the winter. Some of the red onions are ready as well. We have a new planting of beans ready this week. We had a few for supper, a nice treat to have young beans again. We also have some tongue of fire beans ready. These beans are for shelling, just like fresh shelling peas. I think that broccoli will make its way back in the boxes this week as well.
     This week I will not have to buy any CSA totes because we got so many back from last week. Constant complaining is a highly effective way to get what you want. Thank you to everyone who spent a few minutes to gather up totes and return them. Simple things like this really help to make the farm CSA run smoothly.
     We are in the process of planning a day for CSA farm visiting. We have not had time to think much about this but we are hoping that we can have a day later this fall for CSA customers to visit and see the farm and the crops that we grow here. Right now I am a bit too  busy growing and harvesting the crops to plan anything but that hopefully will change in the next couple of months.Enjoy the box again this week, September is a good month. Have a great week.       ted

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