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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Sep 6, 2011

     For those of you who liked the CSA box last week, I have good news. This week looks kind of similar with a few changes. We have a small planting of snow peas so we added a few of these. This is likely the last week for peaches this year so they are in the boxes again.
     I spent a little time this weekend counting my CSA totes (yes I can count). We still have quite a few missing in action. I don't mind if you forget sometimes to return the empty when you pick up your next box but we do need them back to refill them. I am very forgetful myself although I usually blame it on my brain being too full. If your brain has empty space to remember, please return the totes. Hopefully nobody finds the shiny blue plastic tote just too nice to return.
     We are now essentially finished planting outside for this season. I seeded the last plantings of radishes, hakurei turnips, and Asian greens last week. We will transplant the very last lettuces outside tomorrow. We will still plant all the greenhouses and coldframes over the next five weeks for late fall, winter, and spring crops. Most of our time is now spent harvesting.
     The weather over the last two weeks has been great. It felt more like summer this past week than most of July and August did. The plants also noticed the sun and heat. I feel a bit more positive about the fall crops now than I did a month ago. Complaining about the weather always helps.
     I had many questions about the lemon cucumbers in the CSA boxes last week. They were the small pale yellow or white round vegetables that taste much better than they look. They will make an appearance again this week; I hope you like them. We are now in peak harvest season and the boxes show it. The next couple months are the best time to try and eat a mostly (or completely) local diet. 
     It is almost 10 pm on tuesday and I'm heading for bed. Have a good week.     ted

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